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Black Achieving Men Awards



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  • Life Time Community Contributor Award

    This category is open to an individual with an outstanding record of achievement who 'has, in their lifetime, made a significant contribution towards enhancing the lives of people in the Nottingham Community'. Nominees may come from any background or sector. A strong candidate is expected to have made an exceptional impact with distinct personal achievements over a prolonged period of involvement.

    SPONSOR of the Life Time Community Contributor Award:

    One Nottingham is the Strategic Partnership for the City, bringing together public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations to champion our long term vision for Nottingham and tackle disadvantage.

  • Outstanding Father of the Year

    Nominate your Dad or a male role model who you value as a father figure. Express in 200 written words why he is the best and include the inspiring things he has done for you and your family.

    SPONSOR of the Father of the Year Award:

    Hope Fostering Services is a Nottingham based Independent fostering provider that works with foster parents who are able to provide foster care to meet the individual needs of children and young people in terms of their culture, religion, ethnicity, gender and age. Hope Fostering is committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality.

    Staff and carers at Hope Fostering Services work to ensure that every child has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

  • Business Man 2013

    Candidates for this Award must be a businessman who is running small or large company in Nottingham and who you feel acts as a positive role model to other black men.

    SPONSOR of the Business Award:

    Gifted 4 Good

    Gifted4Good  is an organisation which drives social innovation and transformation in various fields including governance,education,health,business skills, housing,environment and enterprise development .

  • Young Male Achiever Award

    Nominate a male aged 18-24 who has overcome professional or personal barriers or excelled in a particular field i.e business, education, music or sport. This can also be someone who has bucked the trend and is doing something out of the extraordinary.

    SPONSOR of the Young Man Award:

    Nottingham City Homes are responsible for the day to day management of around 29,000 homes including services such as repairs, rent collection and tenancy management. We are also responsible for looking after around 1,000 leasehold properties.

    We are a non-profit making organisation run by a Board of non-executive directors made up of councillors, tenants, leaseholders and independent members. All our properties are still wholly owned by Nottingham City Council.

  • Community Volunteer Award

    This category aims to recognise the outstanding voluntary contributions made by an individual to the local community in the voluntary field touching the lives of so many people. Volunteering has many positive benefits for both the volunteer and the community but it is important to remember and acknowledge that volunteering is a freely chosen act of selflessness for the greater good. Volunteering transforms lives as it empowers individuals and strengthens communities and is a powerful force for social change with an immense economic value too.


    • Outline of the volunteering activity you are engaged with and the time spent + how long have they been volunteering
    • What motivated them to volunteer
    • What have they personally gained from the experience
    • Describe any achievements both personally and for others
    • Any particular challenges they have had to overcome

    SPONSOR of the Community Volunteer Award

    Nottingham CVS

    Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service has been at the centre of Nottingham’s community and voluntary sector since 1875. We are here to improve the quality of people’s lives in Nottingham.  We do this by strengthening our local voluntary and community sector and wider third sector. To find out more about our work then please click on the link below.

    Nottingham CVS



  • Health Award

    This category aims to recognise;

    • An individual who has experienced a health challenge (mental or physical) and still achieved their goals
    • Or a carer of someone suffering from a health challenge (mental or physical)

    Health challenges can de-motivate individuals from their goals and affect those suffering in various ways. It can also impact those who are carers and trying to motivate the sufferer with their goals. By experiencing a health challenge, it is often difficult to stay focused on goals, let alone to achieve them.

    SPONSOR of the Health Award:

    Decade of Better Health was launched in 2010 to help address the high rates of early deaths from cancer and cardiovascular disease. The programme sets out to improve the health of the population over the next ten years by addressing the following big health challenges.

    • Achieving a healthy weight – Nottingham needs to lose 500,000 pounds (Ibs) by 2020
    • Reducing smoking – Nottingham needs to smoke 5 million fewer cigarettes a week
    • Reducing alcohol consumption – Nottingham needs to have 1,000 fewer alcohol related hospital admissions
    • Increasing physical activity – Nottingham needs to do more exercise – 28,000 of us need to be more active
    • Feeling better/better mental health – more Nottingham residents need to feel good about themselves and be happy
  • Cultural, Music & Arts Award

    This award is aimed at a male individual who has been notably successful in the field of art and culture. In particular, we are looking for someone who has achieved prominence in their field as an artist, dancer, musician, writer or cultural leader and through their work has enhanced the cultural life and experiences of the people of Nottingham.

    SPONSOR of the Cultural Award:

    Tuntum Housing Association are a Nottingham based social housing provider providing housing and support services for people on low incomes. The name ‘Tuntum’ comes from the West African Ashanti language. Although not a literal translation, the word symbolises people working together. Tuntum are governed by a Board of 10 individuals, including a tenant and leaseholder, who have a wide range of skills and experience.

  • Sports Man Award

    This category is open to an organisation that has helped someone through any sport or an individual who has achieved through any sport.

    SPONSOR of the Sports Award:

    Milford Scott is a not for profit media organisation that provides information, services, support and advice to the local community and business sector.
    We are focussed on creating a service that is attractive, promotes people and companies and provides discount services, news & information on health, wellbeing, fashion, sport and creative arts.

    From October 2013 Milford Scott will be launching Inside One Magazine.
    The magazine will embrace everything that both the whole community and business require and will be available online, digital and in hard copy.

  • Most Transformed Life Award

    This category is aimed at a man who has gone through adversity and challenging circumstances and confronted the issues he faced and in doing so has turned his life and is now fulfilling his potential. We do not seek to prescribe what the Challenges are.

    SPONSOR of the Transformed Life Award:

    Vanguard Plus is a multi-disciplinary team comprising of Local Authority staff, Probation Services and Police aimed at intervening early and prevention with people likely to be susceptible to entering into a life of or going into criminality.


    • Define what the challenges were without betraying confidence
    • How did the nominee overcome challenges
    • What organisations / individuals were key to helping nominee turn their life around
    • Describe where they are now and what is the transformation
    • What difference has it made to them and others around them
    • How are they or would they like to use their experiences of the transformation to support others in difficulty
  • Learning, Skills & Employment Award

    Sponsored by Enable 

    Recognising an individual who has excelled in providing Learning, Skills & Employment or an individual that has excelled in gaining new skills in Learning, Skills & Employment